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August 26, 2009 | NILS

We will start accepting application for the April 2010 Session from September. Its application due date is NOVEMBER 30, 2009. The processing fee of 50,000 yen will be waived when you e-mail us for inquiry and apply for the session.
Those who are interested in our short programs will get 30% discount off the program fees! We had a summer program of 12 days in July, and all of the students were satisfied with the course, and they also enjoyed staying in Japan.
NILS is definitely the right place to learn Japanese and to experience Japanese culture and customs. School news are uploaded every week in our website. Enjoy our school news every week!


emil nikko s. lintag

July 3, 2012 8:48 PM | Reply

good day. i just want to ask if i can still pass an application form for october 2012 class session. thankyouverymuch..

Narayan Shrestha

February 20, 2013 4:22 PM | Reply

Dear sir,
I want to study in ur college so give me some information to in ur college in july session.

chet kant poudek

May 27, 2013 9:42 PM | Reply

dear sir i wanna join your,what is for october session? N what should be academic gap?

amir gurung

November 12, 2014 3:09 PM | Reply

hey dear sir, we just wanna connection your school, to provide some off students ...

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