Short-Term Courses

For students wishing to learn Japanese in the daytime for less than 3 months. Usually, visas are not required for students staying for such a short period.


  • Short term Japanese course |
  • College Preparatory Course |
  • Course commissioned by Government/Corporate
Dainagoya Building 3F, 3-28-12 Meieki, Nakamura-ku Nagoya, 450-0002 Japan
TEL: 052-581-3370  |  FAX:052-581-3373


  • Intensive Programs |
  • Short Programs |
760-5 Ogori, Ogori-shi, Fukuoka 838-0141
TEL: +81-(0)942-41-2611  |  FAX:+81-(0)942-41-2630
Chiba Funabashi International Language School
Tokyo Akamonkai Japanese Language School
Tokyo KCP International Japanese Language School
Fukushima Fukushima Japanese School
Tokyo Nisshin Academy Japanese Language School
Tokyo System Toyo Gaigo Japanese Language School
Tokyo Mitsumine Career Academy
Miyagi Tohoku Foreign Language and Tourism College
Tokyo Shibuya Language School
Tokyo Nichibei Kaiwa Gakuin, Japanese Language Institute
Tokyo UJS Language Institute
Chiba Matsudo International School
Tokyo OLJ Language Academy
Tokyo Tamagawa International Language School
Tokyo Tokyo Central Japanese Language School
Saitama Urawa International Education Center
Kanagawa Asuka Gakuin Language Institute
Tokyo JET Academy
Tokyo Edo Cultural Center
Chiba Japan Liberal Arts Language School
Ibaraki Ibaraki International Language Institute
Tokyo Kudan Institute of Language and Culture
Miyagi Sendai Language School Japanese Course
Tokyo KCP Japanese Language School
Tokyo Tokyo International Academy Shinjuku School
Tokyo Human Academy Japanese Language School Tokyo
Miyagi Sendai International School of Japanese
Tokyo Japanese Language School of the Tokyo Language Academy
Tokyo UNITAS Japanese Language School Tokyo
Tokyo Aoyama School of Japanese
Tokyo Hana International Academy
Chiba Narashino Institute of Foreign Languages
Kanagawa YOKOHAMA International Education Academy
Hokkaido International Academy
Tokyo SAMU Language School
Tokyo Kokusho Japanese Language School
Miyagi Tohoku Foreign Language and Tourism College
Tokyo Tokyo Language Center
Chiba College of FUTABA Foreign Languages
Chiba Ichikawa Japanese Language Institute
Tokyo Yu Language Academy
Tokyo Toyo Language School
Tokyo An Language School
Tokyo Academy of Language Arts
Kanagawa Iwatani College of Business
Tokyo Tokyo Japanese Language and Culture College
Tokyo Tokyo Japanese Language & Culture College
Miyagi International Academy Language School
Saitama Yono-gakuin Japanese Language School
Tokyo Intercultural Institute of Japan
Tokyo KAI Japanese Language School
Miyagi Tohoku Foreign Language & Tourism College
Tokyo Tokyo World Language Academy
Hokkaido Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo
Tokyo Tokyo Galaxy Language School

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