Japanese School that is established over 10 years

Japanese schools with long histories.


  • Short term Japanese course |
  • College Preparatory Course |
  • Course commissioned by Government/Corporate
Dainagoya Building 3F, 3-28-12 Meieki, Nakamura-ku Nagoya, 450-0002 Japan
TEL: 052-581-3370  |  FAX:052-581-3373
EMAIL: icn@icn.gr.jp
Saitama Saitama International School
Tokyo TCC Japanese Institute
Kanagawa Kanrin Japanese School
Tokyo The Naganuma School
Kanagawa College of Business and Communication
Tokyo Elite Japanese School
Saitama Yono-gakuin Japanese Language School
Tokyo ABK Japanese Language Institute
Tokyo LIC Kokusai Gakuin
Tokyo Tokyo Shibaura Institute of Foreign Languages
Saitama Saitama Japanese Language School
Ibaraki Mito International Japanese Language School
Tokyo Edo Cultural Center
Tokyo Tamagawa International Language School
Tokyo Sendagaya Japanese School
Saitama Toyo Academy Japanese Language School
Chiba Meisei Institute of Cybernetics Japanese Language Department
Ibaraki Ibaraki International Language Institute
Saitama Tokyo Nichigo Gakuin
Tokyo Intercultural Institute of Japan
Chiba Ken School of Japanese Language
Tokyo Tokyo Riverside School
Kanagawa YOKOHAMA International Education Academy
Gunma Nippon Language Academy

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