You can speak Japanese within 3 months!

Study the Japanese language and culture abroad in Japan at NILS, language school offering both short term and intensive Japanese language study.
If you need or want to learn Japanese, the NILS Japanese language school offers you high quality in your educational needs, but it helps you to prepare for exams. NILS also helps to define for you the Japanese culture itself, touching on the local community through various types of school activities within the year.
We are here to make your life in Japan challenging and worthwhile.

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Number of Students and Nationalities

Chinese 130 / US 8 / Canada 3 / Taiwan 3 / Nepal 2 / Singapore 2 /
Hong Kong 2 / Austria 1 / Korea 1 / India 1 as of 7/21
*We had students in our short programs from Brazil, Australia, France, etc. before.

Summary of Japanese Courses

Intensive Programs

745,000 yen / 1 year

We have three courses in this program: 2 year, 1.5 year, and 1 year courses. This program is designed for attending a higher educational facility such as a college/university, and/or a vocational school. These courses also include regular lessons, JLPT and EJU preparation, and cultural activities throughout the year.

Short Programs

52,500 yen ~ / 4 weeks

Short-term program is designed for learners whose purpose is to advance in the skill of speaking Japanese in a short period. Even beginners can start communicating in Japanese after one month of study with us! Three months later, your speaking skills of the Japanese Language will dramatically improve.


1. The Internet connection available at school in Ogori.
2. Dormitories around Ogori campus.
3. Ohashi campus for short programs only, located 5 minutes by train from the center of Fukuoka City.

Accommodation, Dormitory

Each dormitory has 2 to 3 bedrooms, a dining/kitchen, and a bathroom. Each bedroom is well furnished. An air conditioner is also equipped in each bedroom. No internet connection available (If necessary, students can make contract with the Internet Service Provider). Rent for a shared room is only 17,000 yen/month. Leo-Palace, Gakusei-kaikan, and home stay are available for students in short programs.

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Request for Information, Inquiry

If you are interested in our programs, please e-mail your inquiry to the following address:
Those who would like to talk directly with us call 090-9480-0695, and Tanaka will answer your call.


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